Around 65M people in the world need a wheelchair. It can avoid years of living on the street or on the groud in many situations and it really can help to increase their life expectancy.
This project is aimed at all those NGOs, foundations, or associations who want to give a better life to those in need of a wheelchair. The DIYWheelchair can be made locally, with materials of easy provides in countries in development.It is an Open source project, with a base model which you can improve or share your experience according to your country, facilitating and improving all aspects around the DIYWheelchair. You can obtain the material list and the instructions of assembly to do your DIYwheelchair.

It is very important to involve the local population. It is necessary to make local people participate in the advances that happen around you. at the same time, give them the knowledge to be able to repair it.

This project is focused mainly small NGOs, with the intention of giving an easy and affordable tool to satisfy a need. At the same time to execute it, share the experience and give advice to others who are encouraged.

All this moves the country's economy, and increase the capabilities of this. It is very important that countries in developing can coexist with its own resources, taking full advantage of them.