It is very important to involve the local population. It is necessary to make local people participate in the advances that happen around you. at the same time, give them the knowledge to be able to repair it.

This project is focused mainly small NGOs, with the intention of giving an easy and affordable tool to satisfy a need. At the same time to execute it, share the experience and give advice to others who are encouraged.

All this moves the country's economy, and increase the capabilities of this. It is very important that countries in developing can coexist with its own resources, taking full advantage of them.

This project began as a University project, a prototype was made, and we saw his potential. The possibilities have been studied thoroughly. The construction, transport, capacity of the country, capacity of the organizations, and this has been the best way to get started and solve the first need in a quick and viable way. This is a project that grows with the collaboration of the user and the support of the community. Our work will help the 65M people who need a wheelchair, whose social inclusion, autonomy and discrimination will be reduced thanks a wheelchair.